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BORDERLINE (BPD), NARCISSISTIC (NPD) & ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDERS (ASPD) - Understanding and responding to these highly challenging client presentations.

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Personality Disorders
Renata Porzig-Drummond PhD
One full day
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Live Webcast
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The unpredictability of mood swings and rages associated with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) can be confusing and challenging for family, friends, colleagues and therapists alike. The hidden agenda and ruthlessness associated with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) can be dangerous.

This training day will provide an in-depth understanding of BPD, NPD and ASPD, with a focus on: understanding the aetiology and lived experience of BPD, NPD and ASPD; recognising different types of narcissism and different presentations of ASPD (including sociopaths and psychopaths); understanding the substantial impact of  BPD, NPD and ASPD on family, friends, co-workers and therapists; treatment options for BPD; and strategies for family, friends, colleagues and therapists  to manage some of the difficult behaviours associated with BPD, NPD and ASPD.  The morning session will explore BPD, the afternoon session NPD and ASPD.

The presentation style will be interactive, encouraging participant contributions and questions. The training day will also feature audio-visual material, demonstrating the lived experience of BPD, NPD and ASPD, as well as BPD therapy approaches.


Feedback from Renata’s recent presentations for PDP:

“I highly recommend this amazing training. Renata has strengthened my understanding of the characteristics of BPD and NPD and provided useful strategies to enhance my practice and engagement with consumers.”

“Excellent training- presenter was knowledgeable and skilled in the topic. Great additional resources and highly recommend it to others.”

“Another informative session with Renata given with professionalism, humanity and groundedness.”

“Great presentation, great food, great venue, great welcome – thank you – worth travelling interstate for.”

“Excellent training that has given me confidence to work with personality disorders.”

“Renata was an excellent presenter. She responded to all with gentleness and included everyone’s reflections.   She had excellent knowledge of the area.”

 “Well presented and researched, high standard of presentation, clear and friendly presenter, well experienced

 and competent presenter.”

“Amazing day, one of the best trainings I have ever been to.”

 “Presenter was terrific - excellent command of the topic, very engaging and approachable. Highly recommended.”

“Fantastic presenter. Well prepared, energetic, lots of resources.”

“Very good, informative and educational workshop. An experienced and very capable presenter.”

Very useful training delivered by Renata with enormous skill. Excellent training. Thank you.”

“Thank you for an excellent, informative and entertaining presentation. It was of great value to me.”



PDP Live Webcast - One full day

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This event provides 6 hours of live interactive training and participants are required to complete the quiz in order to retrieve their certificate of completion. 

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Renata Porzig-Drummond PhD Related seminars and products: 12

PhD, BSc Psychology (Hon), Grad Dip Psychology, BA, Cert Holistic Couns

Renata Porzig-Drummond is a tertiary lecturer, specialising in the fields of mental health and psychology. She uses an interactive presenting style that encourages participation, and focuses on the practical relevance of the topic for participants’ context.  

Renata holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a BSc Psychology (Hon) from Macquarie University; a GradDip in Psychology and a BA from the University of Sydney; and a Certificate of Holistic Counselling from Nature Care College. Renata’s research has focused on behaviour change and her research has been published in leading academic journals, including Behaviour Research and Therapy,  Australian Social Work and Social Science & Medicine.

Renata’s clinical experience includes crisis counselling, psychological assessment, and working with clients with depressive and anxiety disorders, OCD and ADHD. Renata is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


Registration Details

Registration fee:  $199 

Recorded version available to view for 3 months after event. 

Attendance Certificate for 6 hours of interactive training.  

Additional​ viewer: $99 

Watch the event with the Primary Participant as part of a group (on same device)

Attendance Certificate for 6 hours of interactive training.


This seminar provides 6 hours for CPD points.   

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You will need a steady internet connection, and a device such as a computer, tablet or phone upon which to view and participate.


Learning objectives of this training:

  1. Understand the aetiology of BPD, NPD and ASPD.
  2. Recognise the different types of  narcissism and presentations of ASPD.
  3. Understand the impact BPD, NPD and ASPD have on others.
  4. Learn about BPD treatment options.
  5. Use strategies to manage some of the challenging behaviours associated with BPD, NPD and ASPD.

“This seminar will focus on skills in identifying symptoms of these three personality disorders, and how to manage some of the associated challenging behaviours.”         Renata Porzig-Drummond


How will you benefit from attending this training?

  • Understand the lived experience of BPD, NPD
  • and ASPD
  • Understand the impact of BPD, NPD and ASPD
  • on family, friends, co-workers and therapists.
  • Learn about BPD treatment options.



Morning Session (includes a short break)

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD):

  • Aetiology of BPD
  • Assessment, lived experience and impact of BPD on others
  • Overview of the most evidence-based psychological treatment approaches

Strategies for managing difficult BPD behaviours


Afternoon Session (includes a short break)

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD):

  • Aetiology of narcissism
  • Types of narcissism
  • Assessment, lived experience and impact of NPD on others
  • Strategies for managing difficult NPD behaviours

Antisocial Personality Disorders (ASPD):

  • Aetiology of ASPD
  • Presentations, including sociopaths and psychopaths
  • Strategies for managing difficult ASPD behaviours

Evaluation and quiz - your payment includes a quiz which when completed with a minimum of 80% correct answers, will enable you to download your Attendance Certificate.
To complete the quiz, please log into your account at and click the orange "Certificate" button under the program's title. 

For live webcasts, post-tests must be completed within one month of viewing the program.

Target Audience

This seminar has been designed to extend the clinical knowledge and applied skill of Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Coaches, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Community Workers, Mental Health Nurses and Psychiatrists.

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