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FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS: Healing and change through identifying and working with intergenerational family patterns.

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Elizabeth (Lizzie) Spencer
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Family Constellations was developed by Bert Hellinger, recently deceased. It is highly experiential and is done in workshops with groups. Through creating and observing thousands and thousands of constellations Hellinger saw patterns and structured these insights into methods and techniques. This work can only truly be understood through participating in group constellations.

The day will flow and cycle through theory, experiential activities, and learning reflections. Participants will gain personal and professional insights. The day is intended to be nurturing and inspiring, as well as informative. Participants will gain skills which they can use in their practice. They may choose to train further or refer clients to FC trainers, therapists and coaches.

Participants will need to be in a space where they can move about the room and have several things at hand; papers, cushions and small objects that could represent people.

The group will be lead in a safe and productive way, according to the principles of adult learning. I am trauma informed and aware and bring this to facilitation.


PDP Live Webcast - One full day

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This event provides 6 hours of live interactive training and participants are required to complete the quiz in order to retrieve their certificate of completion. 

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Masters Social Ecology/Education, Diploma Wholistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, Bachelor Education, Certificate Steiner Education, Family Constellations.

Lizzie Spencer is a highly experienced psychotherapist, coach and academic teacher, based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She is an academic teacher and her passions combine when running workshops and trainings. Her preferred leadership style is experiential and transformational. This is evident in all her work, which is deep, soulful and enlivening. She taught in Steiner Schools for many years. This method thrives on artistry, imagination, sensitive group processes, storytelling, empathy, connection, trust and collaborative leadership. She is also a Social Ecologist. This lens looks to nature for helpful and supportive life systems, and brings active hope to the world. She is a founding member of the Community of Calm whose aim is to train practitioners in Trauma Awareness and to create a Trauma Resource Centre. They won Event of the Year in this year’s Australia Day Awards (Northern Beaches Council) for Arts for Wellness, a month long event where the local community could attend low cost, trauma informed expressive arts classes and workshops.

Family Constellations and Process Oriented Psychology are at the heart of her understanding and practice.

Registration Details

Registration fee:  $199 

Recorded version available to view for 3 months after event. 

Attendance Certificate for 6 hours of interactive training.  

Additional​ viewer: $99 

Watch the event with the Primary Participant as part of a group (on same device)

Attendance Certificate for 6 hours of interactive training.


This seminar provides 6 hours for CPD points.   

Reminders will be sent prior to your live webcast event with a link to your account at where you will see your purchased webcasts. 

You will need a steady internet connection, and a device such as a computer, tablet or phone upon which to view and participate.

N.B. The recording of this event will be available in your account approximately 15 days from the date of the webcast and will remain accessible then for a full three months. 


Learning objectives of this training:

  1. To gain an understanding of Bert Hellinger history and life’s work.
  2. To gain an understanding the basic principles of Family Constellations.
  3. To identify and work with intergenerational family patterns e.g. trauma, addiction, talents.
  4. To gain a new understanding and way of working with guilt and innocence.
  5. To understand and work with the Orders of Love. They help indicate where to work with clients.  Examples of these orders are; belonging, balancing giving and taking, social order and place, every member has the right to belong, wrongs must be redressed, respecting the people who entered the system first.
  6. Learn how to form ‘healing statements’ with clients. These are short powerful statements that get to the heart of what the client is experiencing.
  7. To gain a foundational understanding in how Family Constellations is used in organizational contexts; Systemic Constellations.


“Family Constellations is taking off all around the world: if you are the least bit curious, treat yourself and find out about it."  Lizzie Spencer

How will you benefit from attending this training?

  • Gain a foundational understanding of Family Constellations.
  • Have a new swag of tools and skills to use with clients.
  • Work more effectively with intergenerational trauma



Morning Session (includes a short break)

  • Welcome, introduce myself, trauma informed guidelines for adult learning/personal and group safety, Online etiquette and self-care.
  • Intro to Bert Hellinger’s (BH’s)  life and work.
  • Visualisation/inner work ‘The Empty Centre’ (designed by BH).
  • Intro to foundational principles in FC; how they work, field theory and genograms, Experiential; making your own genogram, reflect to see FC principles and concepts.
  • Demonstration from me and 3 others of a small constellation.
  • Debrief; correlating foundational principles with the experiential.
  • Q and A.
  • Check out; Gathering and anchoring of learning so far.

Afternoon Session (includes a short break)

  • Another demonstration of a constellation and debrief.
  • The Orders of Love explained.
  • Exercise for the Orders, debrief.
  • Healing Statements explained.
  • Practice forming healing statements.
  • Gathering and anchoring of what has been learnt so far and Q and A.
  • Brainstorming in small groups re how to apply new learnings to your work.
  • Wrap up.

​Evaluation and quiz - your payment includes a quiz which when completed with a minimum of 80% correct answers, will enable you to download your Attendance Certificate.

To complete the quiz, please log into your account at and click the orange "Certificate" button under the program's title.

For live webcasts, post-tests must be completed within one month of viewing the program.

Target Audience

This seminar has been designed to extend the clinical knowledge and applied skill of Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Coaches, Social Workers and Psychiatrists who work with individuals and couples who are experiencing distress about their relationship.

Webcast Schedule

Session One :      ​9:15 AM– 10:50 AM

Break :                 10:50 AM – 11:10 AM

Session Two :      11:10 AM – 12:45 AM

Lunch Break :      12:45 PM – 1:30 PM

Session Three :   1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Break :                 2:45 PM – 3:00 PM

Session Four:      3:00 PM – 4:15 PM

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