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WHITEBOARD WIZARDRY: pandemic proof your practice using the Zoom whiteboard.

Kim Billington, B.Ed; M. Couns.; M. Narrative therapy & Community Work.
2 Hours
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If you have enjoyed using a regular whiteboard with in-person counselling: drawing a genogram with your client, plot the rise and fall of anger, or co-create some intervention, your practice can be revitalized as you gain some experience and confidence with the Zoom whiteboard.

I first began using Zoom in 2016 as I worked remotely with international students studying their Masters’ of Counselling at Monash University, but like many, I simply avoided playing on that blank white screen. However, since April 2020, all my training, supervision and counselling with couples, individuals, families and children has been online, and being a creative visual person myself, I had to find a way.

The whiteboard feature offers multiple tools. In this interactive presentation, I will guide you through the steps I took when I transitioned from creative in-person to creative online counselling. I will share many examples of the creative approaches. My practice is now pandemic-proof, and I have had some fabulous adventures discovering just what is possible along the way, with client satisfaction and engagement high.

The Zoom whiteboard is the repository of the conversations. Couples and family groups can sit in their own space on their own device, and contribute on a shared screen one week, or sit side by side the next session and one may take notes, or watch and listen whilst the other has a one-on-one dialogue with me as we interact on the whiteboard. The other can hop onto the screen and add their comments. This method facilitates a team approach, empowering all to enhance participation and coming together to brainstorm and collaborate with one another to understand conflicts, make agreements, plans and changes.

You will see how the usual psych-ed material can be saved into a powerpoint as prompts, and using the screen share function, viewed by all. Clients can make screenshots of these resources and we can switch between the whiteboard and these as required. Even my playful games such as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Bingo works a treat, and you can see how this works.  


Kim Billington, B.Ed; M. Couns.; M. Narrative therapy & Community Work. Related seminars and products: 9

Kim Billington is the author of: ‘A Counsellor’s Companion: creative adventures for child counsellors, parents and teachers,’ (published 2021) as well as a writer of several published articles in the Counselling Australia Journal.

Kim’s passion is sharing creative therapeutic interventions that can bring people renewed hope and understandings about themselves, and fresh ideas about how they want to live in the world.

A mother of three adult children, she is at her happiest in her roles as counsellor, clinical supervisor, workshop facilitator and playful grandma. Kim loves swimming in the bay near her home in Sandringham, Melbourne.

Currently, Kim's work includes counsellor training, child and family counselling, parent consultations, EAP work, clinical supervision, supervising Monash University’s Masters’ of Counselling students, and Carer’s counselling. She has been a regular counsellor training presenter with the Sydney Centre for Creative Change since 2013.

Methods and tools in Kim’s therapeutic toolbox include: Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, ACT, CFT, Creative Expressive Arts, Existential Therapy, befriending emotions using metaphors and storytelling, Tree of Life work and creative timelines to understand the life-long emergence of identity.

Kim has previously worked with clients whose adversities include surviving: refugee trauma, family violence, divorce, out-of-home-care, bereavement, and carers of family members with mental health troubles. With three years spent responding to callers at Crisis Support Services such as 24/7 MensLine, Kim has also co-facilitated Men’s Behaviour Change Groups

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  1. Increase your options in counselling delivery
  2. Gain confidence to begin using this creative tool
  3. Step into the digital world with a can - do attitude
  4. Find what works for you in the multiple different uses of the whiteboard
  5. Use the whiteboard to digitally paint and create new resources

How will you benefit from attending this training?

  • Gain confidence with creative online counselling   
  • Skill up on this interactive whiteboard tool to enhance your unique therapeutic response
  • Explore the whiteboard in a safe and playful setting



1. On a map of Australia drawn on the whiteboard, participants will be shown how to ‘View Options – Annotate’,and add a star/ heart symbol to show where they are zooming-in from.

2. Next page, create a table to assess for previous experience: little, moderate or heaps. Again, participants add a symbol where they see themselves.

EXPERIENTIAL: 10 mins Whiteboard

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History of founder:

Eric Yuan got the idea for Zoom while trying to find a way to connect with his long-distance girlfriend. Yuan, a former Cisco engineer and executive, founded Zoom in 2011, and launched its software in 2013. Inspired by Bill Gates, who spoke in Japan in 1995, Eric Yuan moved to Silicon Valley in 1997 to join the tech boom. At the time, Yuan spoke very little English, and applied nine times before being granted a visa to the United States. Yuan married his girlfriend Sherry at age 22, while he was a master's student at China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing. They have three children and live in Santa Clara, California.

Key Features of Zoom:

  • There are unlimited free choices of virtual backgrounds or use your own images
  • Participants can easily annotate to draw and highlight what's on whiteboard
  • Whiteboard drawings can be saved to your files to send to clients, and multiple whiteboards can be used and worked-on throughout the session
  • You can reassign being the host to another, and so permit that person to ‘share’ their pictures and documents, or have people in breakout rooms
  • Different font size, thickness, colour, shapes and text functions, as well as an easy erase function and multiple symbols are available

EXPERIENTIAL: 20 mins selection of playtime guided tasks and free play

Creating a Virtual Art Gallery

The use of the Zoom whiteboard in online therapy can be enhanced by having one’s usual therapeutic tools and resources in a powerpoint. Some tips on how to create a ppt especially engaging for children using the many free ppt icons, stickers and stock images and is demonstrated.

Having your visual resources digitally ready to bring up on the screen to advance the psych-ed moments that arise as a result of the whiteboard interactions is a definite plus.

EXPERIENTIAL: 10 mins PPT demonstration

Why the online method has been successful:

Presentation of various convenience factors in visual form, and ways to empower clients to make choices about modalities and direction in the session.

Examples of 10 whiteboard images in work with adults and children will be presented and discussion and questions taken.

EXPERIENTIAL: 20 mins whiteboard demonstration

Role play

Two volunteers will be invited to role play a child, and then an adult with case presentations suggested via participants in chat box.

EXPERIENTIAL: 15 mins whiteboard demonstration


Final opportunity for questions and comments

Target Audience

Counsellors, Psychologists Social Workers, Mental Health Nurses, Coaches, and Mental Health professionals working with adults, children or couples.

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