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Kim Billington, B.Ed; M. Couns.; M. Narrative therapy and Community Work.

Kim Billington - Counselling Conversations

Kim is the author of: ‘A Counsellor’s Companion: creative adventures for child counsellors, parents and teachers,’ (published 2021) as well as a writer of several published articles in the Counselling Australia Journal.

Kim’s passion is sharing creative therapeutic interventions that can bring people renewed hope and understandings about themselves, and fresh ideas about how they want to live in the world.

Kim has three adult children and is at her happiest in her roles as counsellor, clinical supervisor, workshop facilitator and playful grandma. Kim loves swimming in the bay near her home in Sandringham, Melbourne.

Kim’s current work (now mainly using Zoom online) includes counsellor training, child and family counselling, parent consultations, EAP work, clinical supervision, supervising Monash University’s Masters’ of Counselling students, and Carer’s counselling. Kim has been a regular counsellor training presenter with the Sydney Centre for Creative Change since 2013.

Methods and tools in Kim’s therapeutic toolbox include: Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, ACT, CFT, Creative Expressive Arts, Existential Therapy, befriending emotions using metaphors and storytelling, Tree of Life work and creative timelines to understand the life-long emergence of identity.

Kim has previously worked with clients whose adversities include surviving: refugee trauma, family violence, divorce, out-of-home-care, bereavement, and carers of family members with mental health troubles. With three years spent responding to callers at Crisis Support Services such as 24/7 MensLine, Kim has also co-facilitated Men’s Behaviour Change Groups

Kim’s treasure chest of creativity has been overflowing, culminating in writing a book about child counselling, and another on its way about working with adults. Kim hopes to inspire others who are working to support children, young people and adults on their heroic journeys.

Kim’s published works:

Billington, K. (2014) Story Medicine with Children: Using stories after trauma to engage children and facilitate healing. Paper delivered at the Childhood Trauma Conference 4-8 August 2014 in Melbourne.

Billington, K. (2019) Identifying Stages of Change in Therapy: Identifying change can be a useful tool when helping a client recognise their journey. In Counselling Australia Journal. Vol 21, Number 1, p. 24.

Billington, K. (2020) Therapy as a Journey: Could the COVID-19 journey be our communal rite of passage? In Counselling Australia Journal. Vol 21, Number 2, p. 35.

Billington, K. (2020) Twenty new conversations around suicide: Existential crisis and end-of life palliative care discussions have some parallel paths. In Counselling Australia Journal. Vol 21, Number 3, p. 26.

Billington, K. (2021) A Counsellor’s Companion: Creative adventures for child counsellors, parents and teachers. Victoria: Ultimate World Publishing.

Billington, K. (2021) Counselling Conversations: 10 powerful interviews with seasoned experts.

HEALING POWER OF STORY: Therapeutic storytelling, post traumatic growth and the hidden power of folktales.

Kim Billington, B.Ed; M. Couns.; M. Narrative therapy and Community Work.
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